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We are a friendly, expert, and honest hand; a skilled, dynamic and effective team.

We share the same values and search for the excellence in the art of law, our passionate calling.

We are constantly updating, in line with technology innovations and especially prepared to adapt to the needs of each case.

We innovate for and with our clients. Our reactivity adds value to our service, and we base on a direct and streamlined communication.

We have all the strength of a group that is committed to expand throughout Latin America!

María Ester Nuñez

She has focused on its academic education and its professional career and stands out for delivering customized legal advice to private parties and companies in the areas of Labor Law, Social Security Law and Civil Law of Property.
A member of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires and the Bar Association of San Isidro.

A regular participant in congresses, seminars, courses and conferences.

The author of several legal publications.

A marathoner at heart.

Languages: Spanish, English, French


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2001 - Lawyer, graduated from Universidad Austral - Argentina 


2001 - Trainee  in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights of San Jose - Costa Rica


2000 - Diplomate in International Protection of Human Rights  by the International Institute of Human Rights René Cassin in Strasbourg - France


2000 - Diplomate in Compared Constitutional Law and European Integration by Universidad de Navarra, in Pamplona - Spain


1998 - TOEFL -Test Of English as a Foreign Language at the Pacific Language Institute in Toronto - Canada

2017 - Thesis in progress - PhD student and researcher
 by Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina 


2016 - Thesis in progress - Master in Civil Law of Property by Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina 


2012 - Sworn Public Translator and Interpreter of French, graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina 


2008 - Specialized in Labor and Social Security Law by Pontificia Universidad Católica - Argentina 


2008 - Diplomate in Advanced Social Security Law and Readjustment of Social Security Payments


2002 - Assistant professor of Human Rights and Guarantees  at School of Law of Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina 


2002 -To date – PRH Personality and Human Relations - Continuous training

Andrea Viviana Torre
Abogado - Consultor Externo
Juan Pablo Rojas Pascual
Dulce Ruiz Giordano

Of counsel. Lawyer from Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Master of Business Administration (MBA) by Universidad Americana.



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Of Counsel. Lawyer graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Specialist in Surrogate Motherhood 

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Lawyer graduated from Universidad Nacional de La Plata.



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Graciela Beatriz Pereira

Lawyer graduated from Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI. Specialist in labor law.



Leandro Martin Perrela

Law student, responsible for Web Marketing..


Abogado - Consultor Externo
Daniel Nuñez Martinez

.Of counsel. Lawyer from Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Master of Business Administration (MBA) by Universidad Americana.



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